This work was installed at McMaster Museum of Art and is part of a larger series of works completed between 1995 and 2005 and exhibited at Salle de Bains Rotterdam, Netherlands; Galerie Jorge Alyskewycz, Paris, France; and Westergasfabreik, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“…Lynda Gammon’s practice centres on her interest in the concepts of space – remembered places, evocative spaces, and the relationship between images of spaces and the experience of actual environments. By juxtaposing “represented spaces”, in black and white photographs, with the “presented” spaces of assemblages of recycled, utilitarian materials, Gammon addresses the
confluence of “the physical and the psychical.” Her installations are at once sculptural and architectural, transforming the space around them. Constructed from assorted everyday items, materials salvaged from construction sites, household objects, and photographs, the specifics of the structures don’t add up. The newly created spaces are difficult for us to situate; they don’t seem to quite make sense, and they are all the more unsettling because of their vague familiarity.”     Nikky Cormier and Sally Fraser for the exhibition Prima Materia, McMaster Museum of Art, 2006

1. Three fireplaces

Incomplete Renovation [with three fireplaces], 2005

12.6’w X 9’” h X 4.5’d; paper, cardboard, foam core, photographs, wood, lamps etc.


Incomplete Renovation [with three fireplaces], 2005

view from left

2.Three fireplaces detailjpg

Incomplete Renovation [with three fireplaces]