PRACTICE (ladders) 2016-2017

Photographs, foam core, ladders, wood.
As installed: 12.5′ wide X 8′ high X 2′ deep.

“Practice is about trying, developing, cultivating, improving. Practice connotes repetition: to practice, to perfect. To launch into and carry out a process without a stated outcome is to allow the process of inquiry to unfold, to trust the right way will arise, to wait, persevering through a blank open space. This deep awareness of the process of art – of self in process- is key to the creation/ the artist’s mind –in –making is not just the result of studied knowledge (getting the fact straight) or skills acquired; it is always determined by the actual process of making and the depth of awareness one brings to bear during the process. This awareness is what moves beyond the known for the self, for the viewer, and potentially for the society or culture at large”. Mary Jane Jacob