large 16" X 20 camera

The Gap

Despite our strategies to bridge the visual ‘gap’ between the photograph and the thing being photographed, that distance stubbornly remains.

Since the 1980’s I had been photographing the 562 Fisgard Street studio. Recently, working with Trudi Lynn Smith we decided to embark on a photographic examination of the main studio wall. large 16" X 20 cameraSome years earlier I had come across a very large set of bellows in a cupboard in the Visual Arts Department…. likely left after the dismantling of a copy camera somewhere on campus. Starting with these bellows we pieced together a lens, a film holder , a ground glass screen and built a 16″ X 20″ camera.  I made the large ‘dark cloth’ 16" x 20" photographic print from 16" x 20" negativefrom black silk velvet. In an attempt  to ‘bridge the gap’,  we decided to photograph a 16″ X 20″ section of the studio wall at 1:1 scale on 16″ X 20″ B&W film which was later contact printed.




















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