Polaroid photograph

Passing Comments


people don’t want to look at dark and depressing photographs, you need to make something more cheerful

you should wear more make-up, you used to… and it looked good

you cry too easily and when you cry the tears don’t run down your face they pop right out of your eyes

you are ridiculously moral

you are too much of a “Nurse Nancy”

you don’t work with expensive enough materials

you spend too much time over there in that office

you should use proper tools

you need to have a child, you should get pregnant

your student, she is a total drag

your behavior is completely unacceptable

you don’t have any ideas, you start making work without an idea, I always have an idea before I begin making a piece

your work has no form

your work is too full of subtleties and innuendo, your work should be more direct


Polaroid photograph

Polaroid photograph

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